Metadata cache keeps clearing!

You are looking at general guidelines without context. I have a lot of experience with SQLite and have used it in various projects as a developer and a user. What you’ve quoted are valid concerns but not issues here:

  1. SQLite can easily be integrated into an app.
  2. Optimizing network usage is irrelevant. We are talking about a high-capacity LAN connection that is already sending massive amounts of data to the device.
  3. This application has low concurrency and needs far below a terabyte of data.

It is certainly possible to use SQLite in a situation like this.

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This absolutely incorrect. I have changed from atv as a real longtime user to Zidoo. And I am extremely happy with the hometheater 4 on Zidoo.
Nor only, that it has a much better gui than infuse, it can play true atmos, the dv and hdr playback is better that infuse, and it plays 3d movie.
I still have the atvs with infuse, and I am able to compare.
And, for what ever reasons, they handle the database thing much easier, than atv.
I can tell you, I would not change to an android device as a decades apple user, if I would mit be more happy with this player.
I had a Shield pro before with that horrible Kodi. That was a real drag. I only used it as it could play true hd Atmos.
I do accept, that you prefer infuse, but don’t tell wrong things here. And, I am not payed by Zidoo. I am just very disappointed how firecore is handling this case.

I have no reason to doubt that; but I was pretty clear about the likely reasons, wasn’t I?

  1. A Zidoo box is not an AppleTV.
  2. Firecore does not and can not control the codebase, permissions, or allocation of resources on AppleTV as Zidoo does on their own devices.
  3. Apple has zero incentive to facilitate the trouble-free use of apps like Infuse, which directly compete with Apple’s financial interest in both selling its own content to AppleTV users, and its streaming competitors access to those same users; while also collecting a large percentage of the subscription fees charged by those competing streaming services.
  4. Further disincentivizing Apple, Infuse users bring their “own” content to Apple devices — including Apple’s own (likely procured in the majority of cases through non-revenue generating means) — none of which provides a cent of income to Apple. Nor can Apple benefit from eavesdropping on Infuse users or establish a data sharing agreement with Firecore that allows Apple to track consumer viewing habits and content preferences, which Apple can then monetize or utilize to improve its insight into which types of content it should be investing in to increase consumer engagement; ensuring Apple the best possible returns on their investments in specific media properties and the breadth of their overall content library.

Well, I am not really interested to spend hours and days on this topic.
Therefore I’m using my zidoos, having a lot of fun with them.

Just posting to say that I woke up this morning to a deleted library. Very disappointed

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What was the last app you were using (before the clearing)

This has become a very long thread; so this is a digest linking to perhaps the most sought after information regarding the issue from both Infuse’s users and Infuse’s developer.

This is my summary of what Infuse users have learned so far about why tvOS periodically deletes Infuse’s metadata. This post includes discussion of how and why Infuse is uniquely different from other streaming apps such as Plex Media Center and Netflix which both utilize and require specialized software running on external hardware and cloud servers (and are thus not limited by various constraints placed — by Apple — on apps like Infuse which need to run exclusively onboard the AppleTV).

This is my summary of user-discovered techniques and practices found to reduce the occurrences of metadata deletions.

This is a collection of the most recent of the posts and replies in this discussion thread by @james of Infuse developer Firecore.

This is a user poll created by @munpip214 to help identify commonalities among Infuse users effected by this issue. Participants are asked to report the models of AppleTV they experience metadata deletions on; how often tvOS erases their metadata; how they’ve configured various tvOS and Infuse settings and how they use their devices; and the approximate size of their media libraries.

This is a subsequent user poll created by myself which further seeks to correlate users’ experience with metadata deletions with specific hardware models and user settings; and gather feedback at the relative effectiveness of using the various suggested mitigation techniques discussed previously in this thread (and summarized above).

This is a link to the thread in which Infuse users are requesting and emphatically encouraging Firecore allow users to store their Infuse metadata (or backup copies of the same) on their own devices, safely out of reach of tvOS’s arbitrary erasures.

Blue skies, happy streaming, and good luck.

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So, yesterday my library was cleared. Waited a long time until the movie I wanted to see appeared and saw it. Today I want to see another movie and surprise, library was cleared again.

The developers are killing this application through their inaction and lack of vision to prioritize a solution to this problem.

As a long time user of Infuse this is sad.


Yeah, once you lose all your data, it’s hard to trust the app, unfortunately.

I really don’t see a reason that Infuse couldn’t store artwork on the user’s media server, either with the shared media or in a separate folder. That could include subtitles. too.

I think that would significantly reduce the used space on the ATV and then we wouldn’t need to restore that data.


This could be a solution (in future) for that kind of issues:

I too got the message today. I don’t even have that much on my Apple TV besides Infuse so it is a bit weird that it happens. For when I use Infuse In want it to work like Netflix not waiting until it re-builds the database :confused:

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It’s been happening to me at least once a week for the last couple of months. Today was the 3rd time in 4 days. This is getting ridiculous!

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Does it only happen after you watch something in Infuse the day before or will it clear even if you haven’t played anything?

In my case it happens even if I haven’t played anything in Infuse. The last two times it got cleared I had just airplayed a few youtube videos from my iPad the day before.

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Just random youtube videos or from a youtube subscription?

Random youtube videos

So say we all.

Except Netflix only hosts a fraction of the premium content most of us want to watch, and host it on its own vast international network of really pricy servers — where it also stores all its users’ logins and customized playlists and curated suggestions, processes all its user-initiated search queries, and uploads to users’ devices all of the UI-visible media titles’ metadata only when it becomes needed … it’s basically a web app.

Infuse by itself is not Netflix, and cannot run like Netflix. Infuse is an App app. It does all its work on your own device. Plex does its heavy lifting server-side, so it’s a bit closer to the Netflix thing. But also, not the same.

Yeah its ridiculous that this problem keeps happening on infuse with even the latest 128gb model. The running out of disk space problem only happens with infuse. Even without screensavers downloading and not stuffing it with apps and games. I understand this is app developed by a small team and all but this is an app that charges a subscription fee or hefty lifetime sub so they really should be on getting updates out quicker for issues like this one especially when they disrupt the experience using it. You want to charge the big boy fees polish your product better as this isnt some free app but one being sold commercially. Stop hiding behind you being a small team excuse.


I’m not confident that this will be addressed. Look back at how long ago this thread was started. Nothing has changed.


sadly thats likely the case, dont deal with issues immediately and hide behind small development team excuse. The requested features gets put on a to do list with being brushed aside as we will see. Even pressing issues like metadata being scrubbed gets passed aside. Willing to charge fees for it but not into actually putting in the work fixing whats broke unfortunately. Lucky if we get minor patches at snails pace. Heres an idea use the money users pay to sub to this app and hire more people for your team. Its not unheard of to reinvest profits back into the growth of your company