Metadata cache keeps clearing!

I tried using it exclusively initially, but kept running into the metadata reset issue. It doesn’t get used at all now until this gets fixed.

The metadata will redownload if I leave the app open for about 5-10 minutes, but my custom collection cover art doesn’t and I always have to manually navigate to the folder with my saved artwork and reattach it.

Without looking through all the apps I have installed, I couldn’t tell you. I do know that I don’t have issues with any of the others. I believe it’s because they don’t store the metadata on the Apple TV itself. They all load up pretty quick and the info is always there.

Also got meta data error, second time now. FH311 submitted.

Assuming this is on an ATV, what model and disc size? 32 or 63GB? Have you checked to see how much disc space you have left with one of the second party disc space apps?

64G, any suggestions on which apps to use?

I don’t think there’s much difference, I only use the free ones and they tell enough to know when your getting tight on space.

There’s one called “Space Left” that’s free and another is “TV Info” that is free but also has in app purchases. I’ve used this one (TV Info) for a while and it’s fine for what I need in the free version.

Both will tell you how much disc space is available and how much is free.

9.32G left…

Just as a test, I’d suggest you check it after you use infuse a few times and see how much free space changes.

How much does Infuse say it’s using in the main settings page under Metadata?

Currently. 105MB. But it just got wiped and haven’t really given time to rebuild. I’ll advise after a day or 2.

Sounds good, I noticed mine expanded quite a bit after the rebuild and a few days of running. Also if you’re running anything like “Channels” or an IPTV app or any app that maintains a program guide you may want to keep a pretty close eye on the free space in case it’s one of those that’s gobbling up space.

Nothing special going on with the ATV. Let’s keep an eye on it. I’ll post results.

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So I had another reset. Think it’s safe to say it’s not entirely a space issue. Meta DB was at 544MB with over 9GB free space. Not sure what’s going on here. On tvOS 15.3.1.

That sucks. Is it a bug? Devs should know

They do, if you read through the thread you can see the discussion. :wink:

Just doesn’t make any sense what’s going on there… Thinking it must be a tvOS issue somehow.

It’s been going on for at least a few years, I don’t think it’s a tvOS issue, just a limitation of the app.

I don’t think there is a fix unless they change the way they store the metadata. You’d probably have to store it on the server you’re pulling your media from. It would be off the Apple TV and wouldn’t get reset then.

If tvOS would “ask” before clearing data for other apps it’d at least give you the chance to choose which app you want to have priority.

The other option would be if you could “protect” an apps memory in tvOS so it wouldn’t be subject to clearing.

One last option for tvOS would be for Apple to delete things like aerial screen savers first to make room before it starts on ramdom app memory.

this happened frequently so I need to scan all of my documents time after time. It’s really very very frustrating and I dk what’s going on. Infuse only took 200-300Mb and there’s enough empty space why its keeps cleaning the metadata.

Using the app “Top” that reports in real time system usage stats.
I can switch to it during Infuse playback, *double press home" and see it report the increasing usage of system storage, as Infuse cache buffer continues to grow (as also seen on the seek bar).
It quickly uses up to 99.x% of available storage space.
It only clears once i force close Infuse (double press home, up 2x to close app).

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I don’t think tvOS clears cache of currently used apps. So even if infuse uses the storage up during playback this doesn’t force it to clear infuse data but other apps. Metadata clearing is not a new issue that infuse users have had to deal with , unfortunately and I think it is most likely other apps causing the infuse problem.

Also tvOS 15.4 was released around the same time as recent infuse releases so it is hard to really know if apple changed anything.