Metadata cache keeps clearing!

I’m gonna transform a movie quote that doesn’t show the respect I have for James and the team as Infuse is an incredible player (I have the Plex player to show for :wink:

@james, like all devs, answers to its master, The Lord of the SDK, here Apple.

As quoted here several times by various people, tvOS, except for a few kilobytes, wipes at will the available storage.

The Infuse team has incredible expertise but CANNOT fight tvOS. The cache is and will be flushed (it looks like more aggressively today even on 128M ATVs) and all Infuse and ANY app can do is reconstruct it (I don’t know but I guess they are using CoreData with CloudKit).

If there was a better solution, it would be offered by Apple as part of Core Data. If you want, I can direct you to the team in Cupertino.

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Well said. What Infuse is currently doing IS a workaround for using an external database (Emby/Jellyfin/Plex etc.). A player that has a db that resides on the tvOS is not the path forward (unfortunately for some). Rebuilding/copying the db from an external source (eg. icloud) is a workaround for a workaround and will likely cause other issues.

One accessing media through AppleTV has those media on a server anyway, whether that’s a computer or a NAS (a smb fileserver probably).

So adding a modern media server is not a big deal. I’m using Plex but installed jellyfin recently and it’s also a bliss to make it work.

And again, if Synology of all people felt the need to write “Media Server” instead of hooking their media app directly to their smb server, they must have a really good technical reason.

People stuck in the last century should switch to a Windows HTPC and be done with it :joy:.

I think the main problem is that Infuse made it dead simple to setup a media server on a device that was never meant to support it, and now there’s this backlash for needing to workaround it due to how Apple designed the OS.

At this point, setup a Raspberry Pi with Emby/Jellyfin on it OR use the workarounds that have been detailed already. I don’t expect an elegant solution here without an external db.

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Chicken and egg problem I guess : If one need to install Plex/Emby to use Infuse, Firecore would loose 90% of it’s potential users who will think that the native clients are good enough.

It one starts from scratch, that’s a great idea! And for the others, no need to spend $$, just install a media server on the HW hosting your media.

As I have mentioned previously, there are improvements in progress to help those are seeing issues here.

These are nearing a point where they will be available for beta testing, and the most up-to-date info can be found in this thread.


@james can you be a bit more explicit. The link you provide really don’t spread any lights on your plans more than you have plans.
Please share some details of your short term and long term plans.

Also let me know how to redeem compensation for one year of constant clearing cache problems.

You state that there are only a few user seeing this problem to I take it you would have no problem offering a generous compensation to us.

Communication is gold. Keep your customers informed….

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Dude, if the app doesn’t work for you stop using it and ask Apple for a refund.




Just chiming in to say this happens to me too. Could be since TVOs 17 or maybe just before - I can’t remember.

Apple TV 4K 32GB. The cache used to clear maybe once every few months but is now aggressively doing it every couple of days.

I appreciate it’s an Apple-enforced thing but just to nudge the issue.

This wouldn’t be a problem if metadata could be saved to same location as the moviefile.
Have been requested for as long as I can remember. Would also speed up loadtimes.
In the meantime (Which is a long time indeed) i found that a run with the app “SpaceReclaimer” did the trick. Which I’m certain have been sugested in the forum already.

I think, just saying get away from infuse and ask for a refund, isn’t really cool. Infuse is a real good app, that people really like to use, that’s why everyone with the metadata problem is asking for a solution.

I haven’t noticed this suggestion before, but if the app (still) does what it says, it seems like this would be 99¢ well spent — automating the oft discussed (and very tedious) manual methods of clearing out screensavers and other tvOS cached items.

Do you (or anyone else) have recent experience with the app on the latest versions of tvOS? I can’t see the last time it was updated (via its AppStore entry which I can only access on my iPhone at present; which says the app is “4+” years old). Can anyone confirm it currently forces all but one of Apple’s screensavers to be removed from their AppleTVs?

Presumably running this app also forces the the deletion of Infuse’s own cache (verifying its ability to force the deletion of the caches of unrelated third party apps)?

I can confirm that it does what it’s supposed to.
30GB was cleaned out on my ATV64, have only run it once so I can’t realy answer the rest of the questions. Sorry.

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This is interesting. I’m curious if Infuse can run a similar operation to achieve the same result as part of a maintenance process.

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Do you (or anyone else) have recent experience with the app on the latest versions of tvOS? I can’t see the last time it was updated (via its AppStore entry which I can only access on my iPhone at present; which says the app is “4+” years old). Can anyone confirm it currently forces all but one of Apple’s screensavers to be removed from their AppleTVs?

I’ve just checked the app. It’s not an old one as it was released in April 2023. You got confused by the age rating (4+).

I’ll probably buy it next time Infuse metadata cache gets cleared by tvOS as using it looks much less tedious than having to manually download/delete games to clear the space taken up by caches.

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Ah! That seems eminently probable — my apologies.

[Searching for the app via Safari, I am redirected to an AppStore page where I see listed a 2023 copyright notice for the App, but no entries for the file version numbers nor release dates I’ve grown accustomed to seeing for apps on my phones and tablets or (formerly) on my AppleTV — presumably because I’m not accessing this app’s App Store entry on a compatible device.]

Perhaps it would be worth Firecore licensing Space Reclaimer’s strategy and including it as a module in its own app? Implementing Space Reclaimer’s cache-clearing processes from within Infuse would allow Infuse users to avoid the deletion of Infuse’s own cache (and the subsequent need to rebuild it) which would otherwise be lost whenever using Space Reclaimer as a stand-alone app.

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Well, I ran the app once more and nothing happened with the metadata in Infuse.
So to be honest I have no clue what it acctually erases.
After a second run no more space was returned. I’m still at 29GB free.
So maybe it’s only program/ios update tempfiles thats cleared out.
But there are lots of clever boys and girls out there that can probably answer that one.

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I put in my dollar and tried this app on 2 ATV 4ks… Ran the free all option a couple of times on both. The free space according to this app and the tvInfo app didn’t change.

Do you have to do something else to finish this, like a reboot? Or does it only work for specific circumstances?