Metadata cache keeps clearing!

I did get Tailscale working, at one point, I haven’t checked it yet, so I could reach OctoPrint on a Pi in my workshop so I can check the progress of 3D prints (and stop them if need be) from anywhere, not just from within my LAN (which extends over the house and barn, that are about 500’ apart, but each also has wifi - it would be SO cool if I could extend that wifi outdoors so it’s available in the woods between the house and barn!) Ultimately, I want to use Tailscale for OctoPrint, Home Assistant, and Plex (or whatever I use on my media server in the long run), and each is on a separate device.

On your other points, there are a few other factors that I think support your point:

  1. Bandwidth: Not everyone has high speed and high bandwidth. I was stuck with Viasat for 2 years and saw what bad internet was like. It was like having DSL and, if you used over 150GB of data, you had to pay a big chunk more or your speeds were reduced to about the same as dialup. I’m sure there are a number of other reasons people have poor internet.

Related to that point is that we could not stream much during that 2 years of poor internet. My solution was to start buying up TV shows on DVD. (Cost wise, there was a lot more viewing hour per dollar for a TV series than for movies.) I also ripped them to my RAID and used SAMBA to turn it into a simple media server. I’m sure a lot of people do this: Use physical media and buy up videos (or pirate it) I’m sure a lot of people without good internet do this, so forcing re-downloads of metadata are bad for people in that situation. Again, there should be some way to back up all that info locally.

  1. If you had five devices that were independent and not often on the same network, I could see each one keeping their own DB on the system, but since they can all access that system for the actual files, again, it seems foolish to duplicate that effort and not store the metadata with the source files - and if that makes a better case for you and the server idea, that’s just fine.

  2. Selective caching - you pointed out Plex will dig down 7 levels and catalog all the files. I keep thinking it would be smart for Infuse and similar programs to load data for what it needs as it needs it. Go down a directory level? Load the metadata for ONLY that directory. Once it’s loaded and displayed, THEN start caching for the subdirectories, but do NOT load metadata for files not in that directory tree…

Has anyone that didn’t much have this problem update to 17.0, and see no or a positive improvement? Any feedback other than @strwht on whether 17 is worse?

I updated to 17 on Monday. So far no clears and I wasn’t getting them before. But only been two days. If you are worried I’d wait a week

Forgot to include this point when responding earlier. Sorry for adding a 2nd post on it.

Considering the position of Firecore on this issue, I’m seriously concerned about continuing to use Infuse, or upgrading and using it. First, I paid for one license for life in the past, and now I have to buy another - how many years before I’d be buying another for Infuse 8? When I pay for a license that includes all upgrades, then find the fine print includes only updates to a certain point, that company loses credibility with me.

But the development issue bothers me. Apple said, “Don’t,” and Infuse says, “Oh, we can get by with it.” It gets worse and, rather than looking at a way to fix it, they focus on dealing with it. The thing is, this is not just about Infuse. This habit of using all memory when they’ve been told not to can impact other apps. Already I’ve been given many suggestions (“stop using this other program,” “Remove Aerial videos,” “Remove all games”) that basically give Infuse a priority over all other programs: Do this to all your other stuff to make this one program work. Plus breaking this rule can impact other programs, too.

Plus, I know Infuse 7 is subscription - that was said here. Until this issue is fixed by following Apple’s rules, instead of saying, “Oh, we can make it work when we ignore the rules,” I do not want this software running my my devices. What if all the developers started taking that same attitude? Knowing this is the public attitude of Firecore, it concerns me what they’re doing under the hood in private.

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Not ever; according to Firecore:

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As I have referenced in a previous post, there is work taking place on additional improvements in this area which will be available for people to use, if they so choose. These improvements are complex and require extensive testing before they can be made available (even to beta testers), but they are currently scheduled to be included in the 7.6.2 release.

Storage on the Apple TV is meant to be used, and Apple’s guidance states that iCloud (via CloudKit) should be used for storing and retrieving data if data is cleared from the Apple TV.

Storage on Apple TV is limited, and there is no guarantee that information stored on the device will be available the next time a user opens your app. Also, in order to share the user’s data across multiple devices, you need to store the user’s information somewhere other than the Apple TV. Apple provides two shared storage options for Apple TV: iCloud Key-Value Storage (KVS) and CloudKit.

This is the exact model currently used by Infuse.

Library data and artwork are automatically restored from iCloud without having to set anything up manually (EG no creating new server connections or type in passwords). Unfortunately, for some users this clearing of space has started happening more frequently as of late (which of course is annoying) and this is the situation we are working to improve.

Of course, iCloud Sync has seen many improvements since the release of Infuse 7, so it’s not really fair to use what you are seeing in an older version of Infuse as a baseline.

This has been discussed before, but I will restate here just to avoid any confusion. Updates have been included with any of the in-app purchase options since the release of Infuse 5, which was back in 2016. This means if you had purchased a monthly, yearly, or lifetime license you will continue to receive updates automatically, at no cost. If you had purchased one of the standalone paid apps (which were available as an option in the past since Apple did not support Family Sharing of in-app purchases until early 2021) then this would include updates until the next major release. With the release of Infuse 7, these standalone paid apps are no longer available and all purchases made through Infuse 7 include automatic updates and Family Sharing.


Exactly how much have you developed with SQLite? I’ve been a developer for 20 years. I know how to use it and it would work for Infuse.

What you describe is your own opinion without listening to or considering anyone else’s experience, knowledge or opinion.

My ATV upgraded to 17.0 and everything cleared, unfortunately :frowning:

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Just like mine, two times already.

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On TvOS 17 w/ 128GB ATV 4k (newest generation) and latest version of Infuse. It took awhile, but unfortunately I received the metadata cache cleared message on this device. Both of my ATVs are now experiencing this issue.

I’ve given up and canceled my sub. Hopefully this and a few other issues get sorted out soon, because Infuse’s playback really is superior to the alternative clients.

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I’m sorry for you, but your actions and others doing the same are the only way this issue will get fixed.

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I think they should work on background refresh so if data get cleared at least it will get it again automatically.

You probably know better than the rest of the industry or the sqlite devs themselves: You should write a blog post.

Hi guys. Just do add here that I have the feeling that I got zero metadata cache clearing issues since TVOs 17. I cannot be sure, but it’s my impression. I touched nothing, just updated to tvos 17.

Hi guys. Just do add here that I have the feeling that I got zero metadata cache clearing issues since TVOs 17. I cannot be sure, but it’s my impression. I touched nothing, just updated to tvos 17.

I don’t want to jinx it, but same for me. :crossed_fingers:

Ok. Here is a new twist. After the latest metadata crash and rebuild of my library last week, Infuse no longer is accessing actor/crew metadata and showing other material the person is credited with.Previously when I clicked on any actor, Infuse would show what other movies or TV shows the person had worked on. Instead all that is shown is, “empty folder nothing to see here” This has been driving me crazy. I click on any actor, director icon and nothing is coming up. . However Infuse is pulling metadata from TMDB as all other info, posters, backdrops, episodes, summaries are downloading. I have no idea what has happened.

I still get the clear cache every time I wish to use infuse. To make it even worse, if possible, the background scanning does not work.

All in all, a real crsp user experience!

@james, asked a number of times. Why can’t you create a simple backup if the database, so you can retrieve that whenever you encounter a clear cache. Seems like a legit workaround while waiting for a solid fix.

Meanwhile you should give free subscription to all of us suffering from your misstskes.

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For the people have metadata cache problems, check your icloud storage and make sure you have enough available space there, and if you have mulitple instances of infuse installed on other devices, make sure they are configured and organized the same way, favorites, collections etc

Have one ATV, plenty of iCloud, small library, daily clear cache.

But I lack answers from @james in regards of a workaround while waiting for the proper fix.

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Did you reset your Apple TV?