Metadata cache keeps clearing!

I have no reason to doubt that; but I was pretty clear about the likely reasons, wasn’t I?

  1. A Zidoo box is not an AppleTV.
  2. Firecore does not and can not control the codebase, permissions, or allocation of resources on AppleTV as Zidoo does on their own devices.
  3. Apple has zero incentive to facilitate the trouble-free use of apps like Infuse, which directly compete with Apple’s financial interest in both selling its own content to AppleTV users, and its streaming competitors access to those same users; while also collecting a large percentage of the subscription fees charged by those competing streaming services.
  4. Further disincentivizing Apple, Infuse users bring their “own” content to Apple devices — including Apple’s own (likely procured in the majority of cases through non-revenue generating means) — none of which provides a cent of income to Apple. Nor can Apple benefit from eavesdropping on Infuse users or establish a data sharing agreement with Firecore that allows Apple to track consumer viewing habits and content preferences, which Apple can then monetize or utilize to improve its insight into which types of content it should be investing in to increase consumer engagement; ensuring Apple the best possible returns on their investments in specific media properties and the breadth of their overall content library.