Metadata cache keeps clearing!

Probably, but this is getting a little off topic.

Yes, it needs to be faster.

Providing a quality experience when Infuse has to use and/or create a database on a device, which has unknown capabilities and storage, would be challenging. It is different than say backing up a few files and copying them back and forth if/when needed. Not to mention issues that could arise when the device is offline, you are away from home, or you happen to move some folders around.

Conversely, iCloud is always available no matter where you are.

It may happen someday, but for now those resources are better spent elsewhere.

Adjusting the priority of certain critical path items coming from iCloud is part of this. The Up Next List itself also has some things queued up which will be added in upcoming releases.

Maybe because they have to since iCloud isn’t an option? :man_shrugging: