Metadata cache keeps clearing!

IMHO, there is minimal benefit for this since Infuse can already re-download it from TMDB on demand. They also semi-recently changed their rate limits so it is much faster than before.

There may be some edge cases where this has benefits, but syncing would only be usable for those with larger iCloud storage plans, which complicates things.

If you’re just looking for a way to lock artwork then, in theory, that could be done without having to involve iCloud. However, it doesn’t look as though there are many interested in this.

We’ve identified some areas which can be improved, but in general Infuse uses iCloud as a real-time syncing server and is able to pull down individual changes if/when needed. EG watching an item on another device will sync the watched history for that item to other devices.

It would be a complicated implementation with many, many edge cases to address, with little real-world benefit over storing things in iCloud.

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