Metadata cache keeps clearing!

I understand a few more people have been seeing issues with this lately, and this can lead to some frustration.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide a lot of great options for permanent storage on the Apple TV, and in general all app data (except for a very small amount we use to store local settings) is subject purge at anytime. This same behavior has been in place since the 4th gen Apple TV was released in 2015, so it is not a new phenomenon.

Some people seem to be more affected by this than others, so it seems there may be certain combinations of device settings and installed apps that can play a role in if/when someone may experience this. Personally, I have seen this ~10 times over 8 years across a dozen or so different Apple TVs, but YMMV.

To help mitigate this issue, Infuse uses iCloud as a backup destination for library data, including metadata, watched history, ratings, etc… Having this enabled allows Infuse to recover much quicker compared to doing a full scan from scratch. Using iCloud has a number of benefits.

  1. Everyone has an iCloud account
  2. It’s fast, reliable, and historically has very little downtime
  3. There are no technical requirements or set up required

With that said, there are some things we are working on to help improve the experience for everyone.

  1. Audit Infuse to ensure there are no issues (EG metadata storage, disk cache, etc) that may be contributing to this issue. Done - confirmed no issues
  2. Add metrics to track how often this occurs. This will provide us with real data on the percentage of affected users, and see if there is a correlation with certain tvOS versions. Will be available in 7.5.5
  3. Work to improve the efficiency of iCloud Sync and background updates. Follow this thread for updates.