Metadata cache keeps clearing!


I know something similar came up before a few months ago here…

Infuse removed metadata due to lack of space

But I think what I’m saying here might relate to the upgrade to tvOS16… the timing seems a bit coincidental, so I’m creating a new post.

So, similar kind of thing…
In the Apple TV Settings → General → Manage Storage, it shows that I only have 8 apps installed, and in total they only take up 653MB in total.

I got a message a few days ago in Infuse, saying that its data had been deleted (not sure the exact wording). Not a tragedy, just rescan to download again. But I have lost all information about what has been watched or not, which is a shame.
(Note that this is the first time I have come across this problem, and have been using Apple TVs for years)

So it’s hard to see how I can be out of storage.
Unfortunately, Apple don’t seem to want you to know the total storage usage, so you have to resort to 3rd party apps.
Checking in the “TV Info” app, it shows that I currently have about 63GB used space, so based on that, you can see I have a problem.

I can only assume that this space is taken up by tons of downloaded screensavers (I do have the AppleTV set to download screensavers daily), but my understanding is that the Apple TV is supposed to delete cached screensavers before deleting app cached data, so app data should really be pretty safe.

So something is clearly broken here. Annoyingly, there doesn’t appear to be any way to clear the Apple TV screensaver cache (although really, if everything was working properly that shouldn’t be necessary).

Strangely though, it was only the Infuse cache that was deleted. The data was still intact for all the other apps (either that, or they quietly failed without alerting me to the problem)

I can’t find (internet search) this problem occurring with any other apps (only Infuse)

So, is this a tvOS16 bug, or a problem with Infuse?
Has something changed in itvOS16 that requires a change to Infuse to work correctly?

Finally, in “TV Info” all it seems to show you is how much space is currently used.
Is there another way/app to get a more detailed breakdown of what is using up all the storage?
I’m only guessing it’s the screensavers at this point.

Thanks for your help


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