Metadata cache cleared

Oops, Metadata cache became invalid again.


I also notice that after rebuilding the library, all (!!) the Watched information is gone… I’m going to try re-logging in.

When is Trakt questioned about Plays? When the list is opened? Or during metadata searches?

And once again : MTMVA.

Why do I get this suddenly? After all this time it was running OK, and now it dumps the cache two days in a row?

What device is this on? Are you running the “Channels” app by chance? It sounds like one or more other apps may be eating up the shared space. Is it restoring from iCloud?

Hey NC,

This is my Apple TV, and the only two programs running on it are Infuse and YouTube.

Are there any others loaded but not running?

What about Apple screen savers. How often do you have those downloading and do you have it set to all screen savers or a specific one? And is this 4K or HD?

I have nothing else running apart from Settings and Testflight.

My Screensaver is Home Sharing which shows the album covers in my iTunes library. This is an older one so I guess the HD.

Yep, according to Apple an HD

There are 2 messages related to this Infuse may display in certain circumstances.

Metadata Cache Cleared
This happens when the Apple TV is running low on disk space, and tvOS starts removing cached data from apps to make space available. If this happens, Infuse will pull down data from iCloud and rebuild your library pretty quickly. To avoid this, you can remove unused apps to try and keep more disk space available.

Metadata Cache Error
This will appear when there has been an issue with your library database. This is generally pretty rare, but most of the reports of this we’ve seen are in situations where people are regularly disconnecting the Apple TV from power. If this happens when Infuse is running an indexing routine it can lead to issues. If this happens, Infuse will self-heal but it may take a few minutes for this to complete. If you feel you need to fully power off the Apple TV on a regular basis, you may consider disabling background updates for Infuse in Apple TV Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

I do disrupt the power when I go to bed, or out. So I set it not do background checks.

AsI said I only installed 3 apps (Infuse, YouTube and Testflight), so unless the caches of them are extreme I doubt disk space is a problem.

But I’ll check to see which message is called next time (which I hope it’s a long long time away)

Just curious as to why. Do you also remove power to your media server at the same time? Do you unplug one before the other in the same order each time? What order do you plug things back in?

my media server is my Mac Mini which is always on, but the library is stored on several external harddiscs. When I go to bed I make sure that the Apple TV is turned off first, then I hit the switch to power everything off (amp, TV, Apple TV, etc). After that I go and ready the computer for the night, meaning I eject all the externals and switch off the hub.

When I power on again I do the exact opposite, ergo switch on the externals, throw the switch to the entertainment hardware, and turn on what I want/need at the moment.

I do sometimes have trouble ejecting the discs and based on James’ entry I think that the Background Refresh might have been busy at the time and the hard shutdown didn’t tell Apple to unlock the discs it was working on. I guess that will not be happening again either, lol.

As said before I’ll keep you posted if it happens again.

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