Metadata cache being cleared 3-4 times a day

Hi everyone

I know this subject has come up many times, but it’s now getting to the point where I can’t just turn the TV on and pick up the last thing I was watching.

Several times a day, when I turn the Apple TV on and go into Infuse, I get the screen telling me that the disk was getting full so the metadata cache has been cleared.

It’s a 32gb 4k Apple TV. I do not use a single other app on it.

I changed cache to “memory only” and it’s made no difference.

I’m really not exaggerating - I now have a reminder set several times a day to run Infuse to get it rebuilding the cache so I can watch what I want when I want it.

Is there anything I’m missing? I know 32gb isn’t a lot but if Infuse is set to only use memory, why is it still filling the disk?

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