Metadata based view vs. plain file name view per favorite or at least per network share?


I have a network share (smb) with all my media files. Some of them are automatically identified, for some others I have manually created metadata. All fine so far.
But for some other media files I have neither (and don’t want metadata). They should just be listed by their filename (no cover, no fancy metadata, just filenames).

Is it possible to enable/disable metadata based listing per share or even per favorite? Or ist it always a global setting for all media sources?

I’d like metadata based views for my movies, my kids movies, my tv shows, but just plain listing of file names for the directories (via separate favorite, or even separate share) containing just some private recordings, cut outs, snippets etc.


It is simple, but you have to switch on embedded metadata switcher in settings section of Infuse and, obviously, your files in necessary share shouldn’t contain any metadata. After switching “Embedded metadata” in settings section just long tap on necessary folder or Favorite and choose “Use embedded metadata” option in menu. If your files don’t contain any metadata you will see what you want.