Metadata Auto Refresh

I previously had a ticket open on this item and was able to resolve it by having Radarr rename folders when it updated the quality of a download;

With the update to Radarr V3 however, it seems this option is no longer possible and now only the movie name gets automatically updated when the quality changes - the folder does not. It is possible to use the movie editor from the Radarr interface to move movies to the root folder which renames them correctly, but this is a manual option and does not happen automatically.

Is it possible for Infuse to use the filename for the quality detection rather than the folder?
the filename changes automatically and correctly references the updated quality, but Infuse does not automatically see this and requires either the manual rename from the Radarr GUI or to manually edit and refresh the metadata from within Infuse - both of which are a pain to do.

I understand you don’t want to perform a full refresh of metadata all the time due to the time it takes to perform on a large library, but can’t Infuse see that the filename/timestamp of the file has updated and therefore mark it for a refresh?

If anyone else has worked out how to achieve this automatically, please let me know - it’s driving me mad having to keep doing this manually.