Metadata at TMDB for adult titles?


When looking for the classic adult movie “Deep Throat” (1972) I stumbled over a metadata problem - as TMDB marks this as adult/porn, Infuse probably can’t fetch the metadata as the movie does “not exist”. In your own TMDB settings you have to allow adult movies to be able to find it in the search.

So my suggestion would be to be able to allow Infuse fetch this kind of metadata by default as there’s now age rating settings to display such content or not.

We have no plans to enable metadata for adult titles in Infuse, but you can add your own metadata to get the results you are after.

A bit more info on the options for this can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

In earlier versions “Deep Throat” from 1972 (which counts as classic, not porn) was available in the search via Infuse - so you changed that at some time.

I don’t know if it’s good to patronise the user - give them tools to change and decide that themselves. Or do you plan in future Infuse to block streaming and/or viewing adult titles altogether? Then your actual decision would make sense…

Classic vs porn is just your choice of semantics really. Did you by any chance see if there was still an entry at tmdb for the movie in question? Looks like it may not be in their data base any longer.

I don’t think it’s an infuse issue.

I also thought first that it is a TMDB problem and I asked them about it - Travis kindly replied 2 times.

First about if it is a bug that this title doesn’t show up in the search:

Hi Pierre,

By default adult items are not shown. If you head in to your account settings, you can change the "Include Adult Items in Search?” setting.

Second about fetching this kind of metadata with external apps:

Hi Pierre,

That’s up to the app developer. A lot of apps don’t support adult items, but many have options to enable it just like we do.

Travis Bell

So the option to enable it would be nice - but perhaps I’m the only user here thinking like that…

I guess I’m lucky they don’t include adult titles by default, as bad as my typing is my searches would probably get me in the dog house when infuse got the wrong metadata.

Thanks for the info.

It’s possible the TMDb classification changed at some point in recent history, as Infuse (even in the original 1.x release in 2013) has never supported fetching of adult titles.

The reasons for this are two-fold.

  1. User experience. We are pretty confident in the title matching we have in Infuse, but due to the virtually unlimited combination of filenames, it’s conceivable Infuse may incorrectly identify a non-adult title as adult. This would obviously be very upsetting to some users.

  2. Apple. Historically Apple has had a pretty hard-line stance regarding apps that provide adult content on the App Store. They have chosen a rather vague, and far reaching definition of what constitutes objectionable content. In a nutshell it comes down to what type of feelings the content is intended to generate - whether they are aesthetic, emotional, or something else. There may be developers who are willing to push the envelope here and allow access to certain content, but we are not.

Lastly, for a single title, it’s pretty easy to manually add your own metadata (see the guide above) so I think that would be your best option.

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