Metadata/Artwork Download Issue


I have a Synology DS215J NAS with a NFS shared folder (only read, no write permissions) containing two subfolders: MOVIES & TV
When Infuse on ATV4 check new files it downloads artwork and metadata but always reappears some files in “others”.
If I force a changes check it redownload metadata/artwork and “others” shows “0” but when a new check, it starts again showing “others” files and download starts again and again…
Seems that some metadata not downloads correctly or not stores on ATV4…

Any suggestion?


Would you be able to provide a few example filenames you are having trouble with?


I don’t know wich files are…
I add a movie or tv episode.
When I enter Library settings it shows 0 on Others.
I force a scan and then in others section appears a number ( 10, 33, 78…) randomly…

Now I’m trying to do the same with SMB and seems it works well.

I have this problem too. The number of Movies and Others keep changing up and down all the time. In Library view, everything that is in Others is not shown, despite some being movies that are correctly tagged. When I enter Others and select any movie and then just exit again, it seems to “disappear” and go back to Movies again. Until the next time.

I switched from NFS to SMB and the problem its gone.

You use NFS?

Yup. I might try your solution and see what happens…

When you check it, please, tell me if the problem persists or if it’s gone.

Well, this is weird… I haven’t had the time to do anything about this, but I was going to today, when I got home from work. One last check on the Apple TV before starting to change things and… it’s all sorted it seems. While I do still have lots of files in Others, they are supposed to be there, having no metadata in them. Everything else, the movies and TV shows that were there before, are now in the correct place. So I guessed the issue has been fixed somehow.

I’ll get back if something goes wrong again.


Problem is back for me.

Lots of files switch constantly between the Others section and Movies/TV. When I see that items that are correctly tagged are showing up in Others, selecting them (without hitting Play) and deselecting them make them go back to the category they belong to.

However, when in the Movies category I sort of look around to read synopses or whatever, I suddenly see that lots of files disappear (it also seems to be the same files all the time, oddly enough) and go back to Others.