Metadata art cover partly missing

using infuse pro on Apple TV… some shows don’t display their metadata art cover on the main icon, but if I click on that show, the individual seasons icons display correctly the metadata cover, and if I click again on any season, the show description is fine too. only the main art over is missing. not only some shows… any ideas?

Could you post a screen pic of the directory and file names on the server for one of the shows that is doing this?

The main series folder has an accent over the second “e” but the files do not. I’d say try copying the name of the show from one of the files and paste it on the main folder.

Also, do any of the episodes (say like in the first season) have the year included before the S01E01?

strange but it seems to have worked for that show. funny because I had written it exactly like it’s on TMDB with only one accent…

thanks for the help!

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The web page can show special characters that with actual file names may cause problems. If the episodes and seasons show the right artwork then it’s usually a difference in the series folder naming. The copy and paste is the easiest test. Glad it worked for you!

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