Metadata, Apple TV, iCloud Sync

Hello dear fireCore community,
first off, i would like to compliment you on a great product!
even though i enjoy working with Infuse (7 Pro), i did came across some problems which i hope you can help me with,
1)when i first installed Infuse 7 Pro, i did some metadata work for some Films & Tv’s , now we got a second Apple TV which is in the other room, i tried following your guide and activated Trakt, it didnt save my metadata in the other Apple TV so i tried iCloud Sync, i activated it through Apple TV settings and ofc through the Infuse App itself, now i got all my movies shown as doubles! for exemple, the movie “Intersteller” i got it twice in my “Movies” folder of the infuse app and its identical, ofc it applies to all the movies on my list! like 800+ movies got duplicated!
do i need to Re-Integrate them into the Software? and how can i save the metadata into the other Apple TV?
thx in advance!

When you turned in iCloud sync it would copy over your shares/favorites from the other device. If you also manually added a share to the other Apple TV you might now have 2 shares and you would need to remove one