Metadata and Season

I have a Google Drive setup with infuse that i’m struggling to get some shows to show up properly.

File format is
Folder: 4K Korean Drama
Folder: Kingdom 2019
Folder: Kingdom.2019.S01 +Kingdom.2019.S02
Files Formatted in each as Kingdom_s01e01, Kingdom_s02e01 etc.

No matter what I do they show as separate seasons and even if i put them in one singular folder it does the same thing.

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If they are two different seasons as you have the files named why would you want them to show as the same season?

I dont want them to show as the same season. I just want them grouped. For example my collection of Game of Thrones shows them together as 8 Seasons.

It looks like you should have the files named “Kingdom 2019 S01E02.mkv” with the year included. This looks like it’s one of those exceptions where the year may need to be included on a TV series.

I just tried this and it worked great.
Kingdom 2019 series test format

Just tried it and changing the folder name to Season 1/2 made it work. Thanks so much

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