Metadata and movies in two parts

Infuse is great, and I love it! I have a small problem about metadata though:

I have ripped The Lord of The Rings extended edition from blu-ray to my NAS. Because of the length of this film, it’s divided into two separate parts. This is causing a problem cunsurning the metadata, because Infuse can’t match it when I’m adding pt1 and pt2 to the file name. I need to add this name so I can separate them from each other.

Is there a way to name a divided film so Infuse can Match the metadata?

Not yet, but this is on our radar for an upcoming version.

Stay tuned.

Im new to Infuse and I really like the software over my plex pass lifetime subscription. I have the two part Lord of the rings movies and Im amazed that this doesn’t seem to have been added as an option in over 2 years now?

Correct, I’m guessing that since we rarely see any more 2 disk movies since the bluray disk that most people have just combined the two parts into one to simplify things. I had a handful of two part movies and just bit the bullet and spent about 20 minutes joining the parts.

Yes Im learning how to join them. A bit longer for me as I have to move them off the server to trim and merge them in MKVToolNix. Thanks

This is still an issue for several movies I own. L.O.t.R. is the biggest one impacted, though… it should really get fixed.

Since the advent of the BluRay disk and multi-layer disks there haven’t been many (if any at all) movies that are split across discs anymore so it would be a better idea to join the multi-part movies you have now using one of the tools mentioned in a few of the other threads discussing this like MKVToolNix Downloads – Matroska tools for Linux/Unix and Windows . I had a couple and it took just a few minutes to join them into one file. Then the metadata also was correct.

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What about dual-versions of movies like Martian [ extended edition ] , and the various Bladerunners in the 5-disc “complete collection” version?