Metadata and Movie Folders

It’s fantastic that the latest version supports movie folders. The trouble I am having is that you end up with for example 207 movies (with a few being identified as a movie when it is simply one of the DVD files) and 1767 items in Other. It seems to constantly be “Fetching thumbnails” or metadata…it takes it quite sometime to do the scan with over 1700 titles. Is their a way to ignore files or some other solution?

Are you able to provide a few examples of files that are being recognized incorrectly?

The upcoming 5.3 update will include some improved scanning logic that will prevent unnecessary rescans from occurring in some cases.

They tend to be m2ts files residing in the BDMV/STREAM folder of a Blu-Ray disc. Examples include files that are named 00000.m2ts, 00195.m2ts, 01010.m2ts all are mis-identified as movies (which in fact they are not but rather parts of the disc such as copy right warnings, etc.). The remainder of the m2ts files that aren’t identified as a movie but make-up the bulk of a disc appear to be dumped into the Other area such as 00162.m2ts, 00163.m2ts, 02036.m2ts, etc. There appears to be no way to tell Infuse to ignore / remove these files from appearing in the Library (whether it be in Movies or Other).

Hi. I’ve the same “issue” with my library.
I’ve about 3000 items in there (and it will grow everyday). It take about 10-15 minutes to get all metadata because it’s rescanning again all files.

I’m waiting for this 5.3 update then :slight_smile: thanks.
I bought the version 5 pro (I was having 4 pro before). Nice work on Infuse ;). Keep going.