Metadata and MKV

I have a few mkv containers where some files can get the metadata and others can’t. Is there a reason that it would work for some and not for others? Thanks, Dante1

Are these Movies or TV Shows?

MKV files don’t support embedded metadata, so MP will only be able to look at the filenames. Can you provide a few sample file names?

Thanks for the reply James. Here are a few file names. Cars2-1080.mkv, f-smurfs.720.mkv, Rio-1080.mkv, Super8-720.mkv, Transformers 3-1080.mkv,

Hope this helps.


Thanks. We’ll see what we can do.

This thread is old, but I’m having the same? problem. I’m ripping my blu-ray collection to mkv files and I’m having trouble with the metadata. Out of approx 80 files, the only mkv that gets any metadata is a file that I d/l from the internet, Gettysburg. Most of my mp4 and all of my avi files work fine. The mp4 files that don’t work appear to not have any internal metadata?? The other thing is that the Gettysburg file has a video file that is V-MS/VFW/FourCC, Xvid. The other files are mp4 in a mkv container. There is no internal data such as file names. The format of the files is that same. For example: NAME YEAR BR1080.mkv or NAME YEAR BR720.mkv some will have audio info at the end such as DTSHD.

Otherwise, very nice program. I’m running atv black and silver currently, and looking forward to atv 3 with 1080 in near future.