Metadata and different shares

why if I put the same file into two shares, e.g. local NAS and dropbox, or two NAS’es I have to manually edit the metadata for the same file name?

  1. Put file into NAS.
  2. Edit metadata for that file.
  3. Put the same file into other share e.g. dropbox.
  4. I need to edit the metadata for the same file name.

Why by default app doesn’t user the existing metadata for such file name from other share?

You may have to give Infuse a chance to finish a scan for updates and finish the icloud syncing before it will show.

I’ve got several cases of duplicates on different NASs and it just takes a couple of minutes to do it and pick up the corrections. Often, if I go to the second copy and just select it Infuse will update the info to the correct metadata but it takes a minute for the scanning for new info to happen.

Selecting a manual match for one file will not affect manual matches of other files.

I guess this is sort of a good thing, as it could be pretty frustrating if you didn’t want these files to have the same info.

However, files that are matched to the same title will share info like watched status and ratings.

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