Metadata and Covers go wild

I have a relative big database with films and TV series - and until a few weeks ago all was fine - metadata were tagged - and all films were well organized.

When I started Infuse a week ago I realized, that - the moment I open my movie folder - almost all covers were dropped instantly and replaced by an in-movie scene … as if there were no metadata …

I started to retag my movies - realizing, that the metadata seems still to be there but the coverart is being dropped by infuse … So I refetched the Metadata - movie by movie manually - only the see it dropped the next day again … there something ist pretty messed up and I really don’t know what else I can do to reorganize my database the way it was!

Devices I use:
Apple TV 4K
Ipad Pro 2018

latest Infuse Pro

Please help!

This should help explain: Missing or incorrect movie artwork

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