Metadata and coverart

Something I noticed on the meta data tagging. I spent a while trying to figure out why metadata wasn’t getting applied to some south parks I had in season folders. I changed the names exactly as you listed and tried all the conventions. I finally held down the select button for a few seconds while the folder was selected, and changed the type from the default (movies) to “TV Shows”. All the data came right up. What would be nice is if there was a way to mass change them, since there are 15 seasons. 

Also, I was able to use the format which suited me most

south park.101.Cartman Gets An Anal Probe.avi


One question, is there a way to flush/refresh the cover art on a folder ? I got a image that appears to be stuck on a folder, when using the “folder.jpg” inside of the folder. When I remove the file there is no image, but when I place a new different file in there it still keeps the old one that I am trying to get rid of. 

Also, a weird one I just notived that I cant figure out. 


O have the following file name:
Supernatural.S06E07.Family Matters.avi

It looks like it is pulling the right metadata, but it is in Spanish?  The rest of the episodes from that year are in English metadata and fine. Will play with it moe.

Are you running the new 0.9.4 version of Media Player?

Yes. I actually caused myself some grief with adding XBMC on top of it, and had to wipe it out and do a clean install of ATV Flash, and since doing so it is gone and I cannot reproduce. 


I was wondering another thing though, what site do you use for TV metadata ? Because there are so many different Spider-Man things, it is getting confused between them, so I wanted to try to lookup how the files should be named per the online DB. 

We’re currently using for TV Show metadata.

Thanks, I figured it out eventually. “Spider-Man” is typically the way the title is documented, but you have to make the title “Spiderman” without the dash. Then you can refresh the metadata and select from a list of all the different Spidey titles over the years. 

Figured out one more glitch though (I believe)

I have my folders broken down like this: 


> > SpiderMan (1967)

> > SpiderMan (1994)

> > > Season 1

In the 1967 folder, I have my files named like this: 
SpiderMan (1967).0103.Where Crawls the Lizard Electro the Human Lightning Bolt.avi

In the 1994 Season 1 Folder, I have them named like this: 
SpiderMan.101.Night of the Lizard.avi

If I hold down the select button on files in the 1994 season 1 folder, I can refresh the metadata, and it asks me what “SpiderMan” I want to use, so I select the appropriate one. Unfortunately, it then sets that as a default for the other folder. I go into the 1967 folder and refresh the metadata, and it seems to change the default for the 1994 shows over to the 1967 metadata. 

Any suggestions ?