Metadata and coverart for 1.3

It appears that when you try to correct metadata in 1.3, it no longer gives a list to select the correct title from (as is said in the knowledge base C&P below). I can understand some obscure films having trouble with metadata, however there are major blockbusters that have this issue (such as 300, Avatar, etc). Since correcting the metadata no longer gives a list, is it possible to name the movies differently such that aTV Flash 1.3 recognizes the title better? I typically name movie files "movie - year - 720p.mkv". I understand you can make your own XML, however for popular movies like 300 or Avatar, I really dont think that should be necessary.  


Also, where does aTV flash pull its metadata from? It would be nice to double check from a computer if a movie was in that list.

Correcting Metadata

Inevitably there will be times when incorrect metadata and cover art is downloaded for one or more files. The good news is you can easily make corrections by following the steps below.

  1. Locate the file that is showing the incorrect information.
  2. Highlight the file and hold the center (select) button to open the popup menu.
  3. Choose the 'Reload Metadata' option and select the correct title from the list that appears.


It’s weird. So I tried changing the icon I put for my adult movies folder named “Adults”. Did a power cycle on my ATV and it still showed the old icon. So I decided to change the name of the folder from Adults to Adult, and change the new picture name accordingly. I then go into Adult folder and it starts re-downloading all the metadata. This time metadata for stuff that didnt show up before now shows up, however there movies that had metadata before that no longer have metadata?


And finally this is bizarre. I go into the “Kids” folder and I notice there are some adult movies that are physically in the Adult folder, showing up in the Kids folder. For example “Devils Rejects” and “Star Wars Episode 3” are showing up in the kids folder. When I go to Linux/Windows and browse my NAS, those movies are most certainly in the “Adult Folder”. So if I go back to the kids folder and click on starwars, “HOP” starts playing.  That’s weird.


WTH is going on here?

update- so correcting the metadata works when the movie info is wrong works like above.


I guess my only problem is that metadata doesnt show up for very popular movies which seems very weird. Avatar, 300 to name a couple.