Metadata and cover art for downloaded files

I currently use Infuse with the Plex service but I want to switch completely to Infuse and remove Plex. One thing i’ve noticed is that if i download a file on the infuse app on the iPad from a Plex folder, the metadata and cover art comes across. But if I download from an SMB share or Google Drive folder, no metadata comes across and no cover art. Even if I try to edit the metadata, the search only seems to show movie names, not tv shows. Also, as a result, scrobbling to trakt doesn’t work. It does if the file has been downloaded via a Plex share.

Is there a fix for this or am i doing something wrong?


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Are you using one of the supported naming styles for TV shows as described here?

Using one of these styles will ensure Infuse recognizes a video as a TV show and not a movie.

Hi James, thanks for the reply. I assumed the naming formats would be the same as plex whereby it’s enough for the parent folder to have the show name, and then the files simply s01e01, 02, etc. But now that I’ve added the show name to the actual file, it works. Will need to do some renaming over the coming days :frowning:

That should actually work when using an SMB share. However, since Google Drive doesn’t use folders in the traditional sense, Infuse isn’t able to connect the folder/file names together to make a matching pair using the currently available Google Drive SDK. Plex, being desktop based, is likely able to integrate with Google Drive using more robust options which may allow for more flexibility here.

Thanks for the explanation James. Makes perfect sense.

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