Metadata and BDMV folders


I am new to Infuse and I am loving it so far.

There is one thing I am not sure how to fix though.

I have all my movies copied as BDMV folders and the automatic metadata retrieval is working well. For the titles that weren’t automatically found it was easy to go in and pick the right one.

I do however have one specific problem with titles.

I have a few ‘duplicate’ movies - for example Parasite and Parasite (Black & White Version).

Both are of course identified as just Parasite so it is difficult to tell which is which. So I just want to change the title of one of them to be ‘Parasite (Black & White Version)’.

However, I can’t find how to do this!

I read the Metadata 101 guide.

I figured that if I place a XML file in the directory which just has the movie title in it, then hopefully the rest of the film info/images would be added to this from the online sources and I’d have the same info as ‘Parasite’ but with the title ‘Parasite (Black & White Version)’.

I couldn’t however get this to work. If fact I could even get it to pickup the XML file at all.

Here’s the folder/file structure:

Parasite (Black & White Version)

  • BDMV
  • Parasite (Black & White Version).xml

The contents of the xml file is:

<media type="Movie">
<title>Parasite (Black &amp; White Version)</title>

Any tips?

Or do the xml file not work with BDMV folders?



Welcome to the forum!

You could probably just add a poster jpg for the B&W version so you could see the difference in the poster.

For example if the file is named “Parasite 2019.mkv” for the color and “Parasite 2019 Black and White version.mkv” for the B&W one you should be able to add a jpg for the b&w one named “Parasite 2019 Black and White version.jpg” and have that poster show with all of the other metadata that was retrieved from TMDB.

That is unless the B&W version is a different year or release and then you’d have to provided the year so we could see where to go then.

I have just tried this but that didn’t work either.

As I don’t have a named video file to title the image after I gave the image the same name as the BDMVs folder. Is that right?


  • Parasite (Black & White Version)
    • BDMV
    • Parasite (Black & White Version).jpg

You may need to put it at the same level as the folder, non internal to it.

You don’t include the year in your file/folder names? That will help often with TMDB to get the right movie the first time.

Would that be inside the BDMV folder or the BDMV/Streams folder?

Just up one level.

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Awesome :clap:

That also worked for the XML file too.

I was putting them inside the folder but they need to be at the same level as the parent folder containing the BDMV.


  • Movies
    • Parasite (Black & White Version).xml
    • Parasite (Black & White Version).jpg
    • Parasite (Black & White Version)
      • BDMV
      • etc, etc

Thanks :pray:

You’re very welcome! Glad it worked. Did you need the xml file or did you try it without to see if it’d get the correct metadata without the hassle of creating it?

Without the XML file and just the image I got the Parasite release with the custom image.

With the XML file - with just the new title in it - and the image I got the Parasite release with all the data but with the custom title and the custom image :ok_hand: :+1:

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Or most of the data… the actors and directors and everything else is there but the description is missing

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