Metadata and artwork problems on Apple TV 4gen

Hi! First of all I think Infuse is a great app.

I currently try to find the best way to set it up, as there is a lot of possible ways. I see a major problem with metadata based organization of video files.

I have a large library with many movies and tv shows. I believe everything would be just fine if I had all the stuff in English, but I have:

  • English movies with Czech subtitles / English movies with Czech audio
  • the same with German, Polish, Chineese movies and TV shows as well
  • Czech movies with Czech audio

So sometimes I see metadata in very curious way:

  • name is in Czech, description is Czech/English/Slovak (!) or missing
  • some non-English movies are not recognized well
  • episodes of TV shows doesn’t match as in our country were broadcasted in different order (sometimes)
  • names of Czech movies are in English :slight_smile:

I would always prefer the movie/tv show title in original language followed by Czech translation, eg “Hair, The (Vlasy) [EN] [CZ-SUBS]”. The solution is not so complicated: just enable browsing folder by folder (with nested folders) with metadata turned off.

TV Shows: When I choose list view, I see my own artwork for every season. When I choose folder view, there is downloaded artwork I don’t like :slight_smile:
Movies: I have collections, it means I have one main folder for Matrix and there are 3 subfolders for every Matrix movie. I see the name of main folder (“Matrix [COLL]”), but inside I don’t see subfolders but directly 3 movies (in wrong order - I know it can be fixed by sorting by filename), but I would prefer to see subfolder names instead of file/movie names.
Folders with subfolders are pre-ordered in folder view, first you see folders, than movies (movies from folder without any subfolder).

I know Infuse can decide if the content is movie or tv show, but wouldn’t be easier (after long click) let the user set type of folder (movie / tv show)?

Sorry for long post and my English :).

By default, Infuse will fetch metadata and artwork in the language your Apple TV is set to. You can override this by adjusting the language settings found in the Infuse > Settings menu, but this setting will apply to all videos. However, already cached info will not be affected.

One way this may help is you change this setting to English and have Infuse fetch info for all your videos. You then switch it to Czech, and use the edit option to reload metadata for the specific titles you want to appear in Czech. Alternatively, you could set it to Czech initially and Infuse will default to English for any titles that don’t have Czech metadata present.

Hi James,

thank you for your answer. I am not sure if Infuse reflects to library updates, but if so, I would have to change language settings due to desired results everytime. If no, then the new stuff will remain without metadata.

I understand my problem is a minor problem. I can happily live without metadata, but I would like to see covers for folders and movies. I have “my own” folder.jpg files, so browsing by folders would be enough. Do you think it is possible to include such option to future updates? It can be easily accessed through long press on remote for specific folder.

Btw, I noticed this behavior: I have GOT tv show, 6 seasons. Seasons 1-4 and 6 have files named “Game of Thrones ExxSxx…”, season 5 “Game.of.Thrones.S05Exx…”. This caused the order of seasons was 1 2 3 4 6 5.

This is because your episodes for seasons 1-4 & 6 do not conform to the expected names for a tv series and they are being handled as a folder with video files in them.

Episodes for season 5 do conform to the naming scheme and are handled as a tv show season rather than a folder.

Infuse displays folders before tv show seasons … Thus causing them to be displayed in the order 1 2 3 4 6 5.

Hm, at this page is written “Note: Period, space, underscore and dash can all be used interchangeably as separator characters.” I use space instead of dot (btw, using dot in this way seems to me very odd idea, no matter how widely spread it is).

Besides, even when the order is wrong, Infuse recognizes the season well, because auto-detected folder artwork is from the same layout line as the rest of seasons.

Update: I have just read it once again and there is nothing about dots :), just dashes. So maybe I am not right.

The problem is not the dots … They are called ‘period’ in the Metadata 101 specification and handled like underscore and dash.

The problem is that your names have ExxSxx as part of their name which is not a recognised numbering scheme for a TV series name according to the Metadata 101 specification … The season must be specified 1st like in the season 5 so you should change them to the SxxExx form.

Oh, sorry! I haven’t realized a period is “a dot”.
And sorry once again for confusing you, seasons 1-4 and 6 do have filenames “SxxExx”, I made a mistake in previous post.
So it seems “space” and “period” are not interchangeable at 100 % :).