Metadata already on media files

Hello. I have a Xtreamer media player but I want to move to aTV Flash in an Apple TV.

I use Thumbgen to create all my media files metadata. It generates covers and .nfo files with all the info.

Will the media player benefit from this information, or will it download new info on my hard disks for all my movies?

Most of my movies are in MKV (HD) format, .ISO (DVD structure) or VIDEO_TS folders, named in folders:


Folder-> Running with Scissors (2006)

Inside the folder:

0439289-backup.mkv (Movie file)

0439289-backup.jpg (Cover)

0439289-backup.nfo (Info) (Subs)

0439289-backup.tgmd (Thumbgen file)


Will this work with the Media Player?

Can someone please help here?

The current version of Media Player will not recognize those files, but it will be able to download it’s own metadata and cover automatically.


Do you plan to add support for NFO files, because I have all my movies in XBMC that can create localized NFO files, and it’s better than loading all things with a sometimes strange results?

I’ll pass along the idea and see what we can do.


any news on the .nfo situation?


Not yet, but it’s planned for a future version.