Metadata add end tag + Infuse and InfusePro at same time on tvOS

Hy and thanks for this great Job. (Sorry for my English…)
Infuse it’s my killer app for aTV4 and iPhone 7 !

1.)For the research metadata i understand (I believe) you replace “.” by " " and you search the end word off movie’s file with a list of word :

  For file "" it's convert to "My movie x264 blabla AZERTY" and x264 as on the "end word list", the search is "My movie".
  But for the french user, some word is just after the title (of file name). It's possible to add this word ?
  List (UPPER case) :

 I don't understand when the years of movie is excluded or not on the metadata search...

 And with the convert "." by " " my favorite movie is not reconized : C.R.A.Z.Y.  ->

2.)For AppleTV i have buy your InfusePro5 version AND the pass PRO for Infuse5 version : One App for my childs and One App for Dad :slight_smile: . Pro is sync icloud and other not. But when the apps is on the top of tvOS Home, the fast acces on media is the same for 2 apps. Even i unactive “recently add” and other for one App.

 It is possible to unshare this lists (database) from Infuse5 and InfusePro5 ? I so sad for my User Interface :( .

Thank’s for all, it’s a great Job ! (sorry for my english)