Metada On the Go... and vacation


Using My Passport Wireless HD (with a lot of movies in MKV format), Infuse 4.0, and an iPad, when we travel on vacation.
We dont have access to Internet on vacation -> Infuse cant fetch metadata for movies on our Vacation.

Today i manually insert Movie Poster with program: MetaZ. Works fine.
I now also want to set up Metadata on my MKV files, to enable Infuse displaying them, when we are on the go.
So we can read and pick out movies to watch, in the evenings on vacation.


  1. Is the most simple solution to create an XML file and name it the same filename as the movie?
  2. How do I Fetch Metadata and put them in an XML file? It is mostly well known movies from a range within the last 4-5 years
    (the numbers of movies are not that great - 20 - 25 movies - so a manual proces will work).
  3. Are there anybody who have a more easy solution to my problem, than fetching and manually create XML files for Infuse to read?

Hope for your help.

Best regards

The best option would be to have Infuse fetch info for all your content before you leave, but aside from that you can enable ‘Embedded Metadata’ and force Infuse to read the info contained within the files themselves.

A bit more info on using XML files (including a sample) can be found here.



I have a similar query, also using the My Passport Wireless HD. When home i connect to PC and share the Movies and TV Folders, add these shares to infuse, it downloads the metadata and stores it locally cached in the ipad. When i connect to the WD Passport Wireless HD from the ipad directly (when on vacation) even thought the metadata had been cached originally, it does not match to the files because the network folder structure change (even though filenames and sizes are the same).

So my question, when building the inital metadata cache, can we have an option to store it locally with the movie/TV show files rather than in the infuse app ??

Or alternatively, is there a way to view and read the locally cached metadata from the infuse app so that i can copy it to the relavent folder/files on the harddrive (as described in your metadata 101 article)


Hi Peter. That was what I tried to attain with creating XML-files for the movies. But have not yet found a way to do that. Already storing a *.jpg file with the exact same name as my video file, and sometimes also *.srt files with subs… so if there is a way to (easily) create a XML file also in my library with the movie I would do that… but no luck so far. So for the moment I juse live with the lack of Info on my movies, when I’m traveling - wich is every week… :(…


Hi Jens, and @ James also
the workaround you could use is as follows when you are at home and have a home wifi network.

  1. Connect ipad to your WD Drive

  2. Open browser (safari) and log in to the WDPassport

  3. Select the wifi tab, then under wifi networks, turn it on and select your home wifi (that enables internet passthrough to the WD)

  4. go to infuse app, under settings have metadata fetching on, list mode off

  5. go to your movies or Tv folders and it should start pulling the meta data in, al be it slow as the internet passthrough slows the WD Passport down.

  6. once you have updated metadata for all, the you can turn the internet passthrough off on the WD (as mentioned it makes it run slow when streaming)

Now this is OK, if the metadata doesn’t need manual adjustment, eg because of an incorrectly named show or movie, where you manually have to adjust it to get the right metadata (still possible)

where my problem is and why I would like it stored locally with the files rather than the ipad, is i have 3 kids, we use the WD as a NAS in the car on road trips, so it is a massive pain in the ass having to update 3 ipad minis with the same metadata (particularly for the shows you are doing manually as you are basically doing it three times, it is slow - as for the reasons explained above, and all that hard effort goes down the drain when one of the kids happens to hit the BIG Clear all metadata button that is just sitting there waiting to be pressed.

hence would be really good if when infuse fetches metadata it can be stored locally with files rather than cached, or have an option to view and copy the cached metadata so users could manually match to their files.

I have also mentioned there seems to be an issue with how infuse stores the metadata, rather than just on filename, it seems to compare/append the network path to the file, so same movie in 2 different shares, gets metadata pulled down twice. Pain with the WD is that you have to use the internet pass trough method, because if you pull metadata down when the drive is a share on your home network it will have a different network path to that when you connect to the drive directly. Yes it is very annoying and a fix would be great.


I use filebot to make sure my movie or tv shows is named properly .
I use media companion to fetch my xml and jpg for my local hdd.
If u want lower resolution jpg and xml than you can use a program called wdtvhubgen . I use these programs daily and all 3000 movies and 2786 tv shows all play and display properly on and off my network . I hope this helps some people .
Brian .

Hi snej8660 (and others),
What strategy did you choose on this ?
I have similar challenge as you - maintaining the Metadata on several devices is alot of work.
Personally I have now concluded to maintain metadata info in my own .xml files - because I have a library of 200+ DVDs/Files of videos home-recorded.
I would like to add some info on what is on the video - so it is quicker to find the right one. This info ofcourse I have to write myself. I sometimes re-edit a DVD and produce a new video - so I think maintaining the metadata in a separate file is the easiest option for me.
But for my 50+ movies - I’d like also to have some metadata.

  • Did you find a tool for easy downloading from a movie DB to local XML ?
  • For the editing of own XML files - what tool do you use for that ?


Hi Cee5. No solutions found yet for me… So I’m hoping that one some day finds my post… And are willing to share a easy solution.
The need for easily creating metadata in an xml file for home made videos I fully understand. There are after some years a bit of numbers of save worthy video shots of family and friends from iPhones etc. so far I just keep them in regular folders. But I’m sure that in some years I would appreciate to have some kind of Light weight description of the contents of the best ones.

There must be a tool solution for this - just didn’t find it yet.
Firecore have an opportunity to make a difference here adding a simple tool that works and cover the needs for non nerds :slight_smile:


Thanks Jens,
I will just have to edit the data myself :slight_smile:
How do you build the .xml files ?
I tried copy the example on Infuse Support - change it in Word - and saved as .xml - but it doesnt work for me…
(have never done .xml “programming” like this before)
thanks for any tip you may have.
cee5 - from Denmark :slight_smile:

Do you store your movies as Matroska files? I’ve never done it myself, but if so, wouldn’t the best option be to mux the desired metadata and cover graphic directly into the MKV file itself using mkvmerge (by way of MKVToolNix for example)? I’m not sure if Infuse reads every metadata tag of an MKV container, but this way you can keep everything contained within the container itself instead of relying on external XML files. And I think you might be even able to do the same for MP4 files by using the Subler application.