Meta Tag Issue

I have a problem with my movie Meta Tags. At my first use of infuse it will sort all the Tags to my movies. As I had a problem with my shared folders I deleted them and add them again. So I had to sort all the Meta Tags for my movies again. But now infuse remember the old Tags and the search engine doesn’t work. The search engine did not search for the Meta Tags. What can I do?

No one any idea?

You may try clearing all metadata through the Infuse Settings menu.

This will remove any saved metadata Infuse may have and force it to refetch everything.

Hello James,
I did it, but it doesn’t work. I delete all metadata and the old metadata are still there. I delete my shared folder - the old metadata are still there.
I will try it again.

Infuse may be picking up some embedded metadata.

The upcoming 4.0.1 version will have an option to disable this.

Thanks James, for the info. Than I will wait for 4.01 :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!