Meta Information Problems

Hi Guys,

I’ve been having problems with my meta information for some time now and could use your help.

Most of my files are .m4v files with the cover art and information embedded in the file. I have some .mkv files but have the same issues.

  1. Some of the files display a blank image. (i.e Black Box, no cover) So Wreck-It Ralf for instance finds all the data, pulls down the background image, information, but shows a black dvd cover. Same for The Goonies and a lot more. These all have the cover art in the file as they are .m4v.

  2. When the file finds the wrong information and you correct this, it still stays the same. For example the film Arthur, I have both (well all 3) but Arthur (2011) and Arthur (1981) both appear as 2011 version. Now this is fine, how could it tell from the file name without the year. But when you change the meta info and tell it no it the 1981 version, it thinks for a while and then just puts the 2011 info back again.

I like my artwork to all look like it should and its just a little annoying Its been going on a while now, but thought it might just be me or something that would be fixed in the future. Is it a setting I have wrong, or is this a bug…

Thanks for the help. B-)

Should have said. Files are encoded with Handbreak v0.9.8 an Meta info is injected with Subler v0.19, and named Film Name.m4v or TV Show - S00E00 - Title of Show.m4v. Not sure if that matters.

I use the same setup (HandBrake and Subler). Out of the 450 M4Vs I have, I got two which have similar problem - one cover art would only show partially and one is blank. I have external metadata fetching turned off.

I did some testing and I know Media Player will read in metadata name (so filename does not matter), description (short), genre (except it would not display anything with genre that’s ‘Comedy’!?), cover art, program length (time). Other embedded metadata apparently are read into the database but not displayed currently preferring external source.

And I know it is not the metadata set because I use Subler to embed the same set to a different file and Media Player can read and display the set with no problem. So it seems Media Player has trouble reading some M4Vs with embedded data. I have submitted a sample to Firecore and hopefully they can figure out the problem.



I had the same problem but I found out that this problem only occurs when embedded cover art size are too big. So look for smaller pics and you will avoid it.

Hope that will work for you too.