Meta Data with Lasted Media Player Version

Hi All,

I have my ATV2 updated to the latest Firecore releases and have notice an issue with the Media Player meta data. Previously this has been great, displaying the correct coverart, description, episode name etc…

How ever on my update i found issues connecting to my shared drive, i therefore removed the share and re-added it. On opening the folders i noticed the metadata now does not display, the episode names are gone and just the file name exists, i have checked settings and all is OK

My file names have not changed and an example of them is “NCIS.S06E01.Last.Man.Standing”

The files still play OK but just lost the nice organised look i previosuly had :slight_smile:

Also should have said that Media Player connects great to my share when connected to ethernet, however when on wireless connection to share is not possible, this worked fine on previous versions

Any help will be great



I found the issue, for some reason in the Media Player updated it defaulted my folders to Movies rather than TV Shows as was previously set. Once switched back to TV Shows the meta data shows fine


This still doesn’t resolve the Wireless Access Issue, Any Clues?