Meta data v4 To v5

I am very happy with infuse 4. However I had to go through all my files to make sure they are correctly displayed wrt to meta data.

Now I don’t want to do that again with infuse v5.
Is there a way to transfer the meta data ? I don’t want to install it and then have all the work again.

Unfortunately there’s no way to migrate info from v5 to v5, but data saved in v5 will be synced to iCloud which will allow you to easily restore it when adding or replacing devices in the future.

Thanks for a great product. Not sure how it happened, but Infuse 5 was able to keep track of the “watched” status when I updated. It saved me a lot of work.

I think its completly ok to pay again for Infuse 5. Like you said, you offered many updates without any costs and everybody who uses his brain might understand that you will work for nothing for rest of your life, just because he paid some bucks once.
BUT: Cant you PLEASE offer a last update for vers. 4 which allows to sync the metadata with iCloud and so import to vers. 5?
I’ve spent a lot of time to correct all wrong fetched metatdata on all my devices and would be very upset, if i had to do that again.