meta data question

I have an aTV(1) with ATVflash 4.3 and have part of my film library sync’d and part streamed (from a Mac with latest itunes & sn leopard) using itunes as ‘normal’.

The metadata on the films in my library has been set either with MetaX or iDentify

I have noticed that the aTV does not pick up all the metadata from all films, especially the rating/classification (PG, R etc). The rating is correctly seen in itunes but not deteced by the atv.  There is no obvious correlation between the films where the atv does not see all the metadata and whether they are streamed or sync’d, and how the metadata was set.


Is this in any way influnced by the instalation of ATVflash?  or should the functionality of the normal itunes/atv relationship be essentially untouched by atvflash?

Any tips for better recognition of MetaData?