Meta Data problem

New user from yesterday - and am really liking infuse - having moved from the Plexverse etc. I decided to not use the plex server but rather NFS share, and everything is working very well on the whole. Playback is a dream. However - I have one issue. A few TV shows aren’t recognised by Infuse. Not a problem I thought - Long Press and try and edit the MetaData. However, when I long press on them the only options are ‘Playlist’ or ‘cancel’. I have around 400 different TV shows, and only a few miss - so my naming convention seems to be ok. One show that fails for example is ‘The 100’. The filename originally was The.100.s01e01. I tried to add the year - The.100.(2014).s01e01 - but still it appears as a playlist. I tried “The 100 s01e01” - no luck. I am at a loss as to how to fix this. There are a few others - and everyone that doesn’t seem to be picked up by Metadata seems to be a playlist that I cannot edit the Meta Data info. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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If you try long pressing on a single episode instead of the series folder you should get the Edit Metadata and then be able to select the correct series.

The first name you had “The.100.s01e01.mkv” should work this way.

I have the same show and my files are named following this pattern:
The.100.S06E01.Sanctum …

They were immediately correctly identified and the relevant metadata downloaded.
I use Plex but Infuse use the same source (TheTVDB) so matching should be exactly the same.
In any case matching manually as suggested, should immediately fix any problem