meta data on main TV show folder?

Okay, I have over 200 TV shows, and non of them have a cover for the outer folder. When you open it up, sure you have each season with a cover, but not the main one for that TV show. I have read here some people talk about activating SMB, vs DLNA or lan. I don’t use my mac to stream, I have a NAS, so how would I enable cover art for the main folder of a TV show? Thanks.

Same here, have my movies and TV shows in a folder structure and now I have to click into every folder to actually see the video with cover and all… Ugly as hell and really not easy.
Bought the Pro version just now and are a bit disappointed.

Any solution for this?

I have no trouble seeing the cover for each folder holding a TV show. I have a folder.jpg file in each folder and this shows up. The way you connect matters - I do not believe that you get the covers showing with DLNA as that connection method does not return the information about the covers back to infuse. Using methods such as SMB, FTP and SFTP all seem to work fine.

I am normally a Plex user, and you there chose what folders to scan and then name it “Movies” or whatever you chose to scan, it then scans the whole folder, it doesn’t matter if there are folders or not, the outcome is the actual movies to be displayed in Plex, you should never click in to a folder to watch the movie!

This is what I want Infuse to do, but it keeps the folder structure still !
Isn’t this possible with Infuse?

So how do you enable these things you mention, or do I have to find the JPEG files myself and place them in the folders?

Looks like it.

Folder artwork

Folder artwork can be set by adding a folder.png or folder.jpg file to any folder (1000 x 1500 recommended size).

Custom artwork can also be added to local folders created within Infuse by uploading a folder image via FTP or Wi-Fi Browser upload.

any suggestions on a app or website that will have TV show downloadible art work?

I get all mine from (the same site inFuse uses for metadata).

Thanks, I will give that site a shot.

Oddly, some of my series are getting Artwork and Description data for the main folder while other are not. There are no photos in any of the folders etc. Doesn’t seem to make any sense which ones are getting them and which aren’t.