Meta-Data: Multiple Episodes Per File

I’ve recently gotten everything setup on XBMC running on my jailbroken ATV2.  I also have the “Media” app from FireCore installed on there.  I plan on just taking all the NFO files and running them through a script to generate the meta-data files for the FireCore Media Player app.


My problem is that some TV videos contain multiple episodes for multi-part episodes and others are DVD ISO images which also contain multiple episodes.


With XBMC, I simply repeat the XML segment (once for each episode) in the associated NFO file for that video file.


How do I do that same thing in FireCore’s metadata format?  If it helps, all episodes are sequential for the most part so even a feature like Sapphire’s “secondEpisode” tag would be useful.  It will however prevent me from linking in the “Specials” that appear on the special features on the DVD ISO images since those are typically not sequential with anything and usually belong to “Season 0”.