Meta data issues and annoyances

I have no more issues with movies, after I had to rename all movies correctly. Why does Kodi a better job at this??
There are still problems with TV Shows though:

My TV Shows are messed up. First I have 6 TV Shows with no image or no title or both. This happens on very popular TV shows which have an entry on It also happens with TV shows which have correct .nfo files (from my Kodi export). Even with the edit information button I do not get the correct data.
How can I fix this? It is really annoying.

Then, also annoying, when a new episode arrives, first of all there isn’t a “new episode” label (like Kodi has) nor will the meta data be pulled in the background. I have to enter the TV Show, see all the new episodes, wait 4 minutes to let Infuse detect and tag them, see them dissapear, get in the right season and then tick the new episode. Seriously, is this convenient?

And I also miss a watched marker, which would be there in the next release… which takes a very long time though :frowning: