Meta data in folders

It took me a lot of work over the previous years to put my movies in a folder structure (one movie per folder) which also includes cover art and nfo files. Now when i use infuse over a network share, it shows me the folder structure and only downloads the movie info when i navigate into said folder. Is there any way to make infuse recognize the meta data inside the folders so when i navigate to my ‘movies’ folder, i get a full list of all movies with their info?

The same problem exists in tv shows. I put al episodes in subfolders (season 1, season 2, …), but when i goto my tv shows in infuse i have to navigate to the specific subfolder before i see something other than a folder structure?

Any ideas?


Same worries. Infuse should not display folders.



I’d love Infuse to handle folders containing media-files in the samme manner as XBMC.



This really prevents me from recommending Infuse to any of my friends. I think this has great potential but most of us purchased it for it’s ability to present media beautifully. There are plenty of other capable (and faster) media players on the market, and for less money.


AVPlayerHD for example runs faster and still looks great, but it lacks the presentation due to it’s choice to not include data scraping. You’re winning on the presentation front, but not everywhere and until this feature is implemented I’ll be a sad panda.

Just to confirm, this is something we’re working on for an upcoming version.

I guess we just underestimated the number of people who organize their movies this way. :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, I have folders for each TV Show too. My Movies are in folders with subtitles, nfo, etc as well.

I agree this is a bigger problem with TV shows because of multiple folders etc… but anyone who uses xbmc etc would probably have organized their movies in to separate folders already so infuse not supporting it is weird.

All my tv shows are in folders too

It’s still a problem with infuse 3. How can we organize the series and movies folders on a NAS?

This was actually greatly improved in Infuse 3.

For TV shows, the best option will be to keep each series in it’s own folder with episodes organized by season.


The Big Bang Theory

Season 1
Season 2

For movies, it’s similar. You can have a single folder for each title that includes the video file, and any other related files such as artwork or subtitle files contain inside.

As most xbmc users have extrafanart and thumbart in their movie folder, infuse can’t display his fanart on the movie folder level. It sticks to the movie file level within the movie folder. If a movie folder only contains the movie and a subtitle file, infuse can deal with it. So after deleting the other folders, the result is as expected. Can’t infuse just ignore extra files/folders?

Thank You for Your reply. I have made this structure, but on the upper level the thumbnail images are not shown. (see attachment)

I refreshed the metadata and added again the favorite folders and it works! Thank You!

I just tried with my record TV Shows> Breaking Bad> Season 1, Season 2, etc … and it does not work! I have a folder Breaking Bad gray, then ditto each season … no change for me with Infuse 3!

How are you video files named?

A bit more info on the supported formats can be found here.

I think I did it right but it does not work.
My files are as such:

Mediacenter HD/TV Shows/Breaking Bad/Season 3/Breaking Bad S03E01 - title.avi

See screenshot: Dropbox - Error


Yep - that seems like it should work.

If you navigate into the folders, do you see the correct metadata and artwork for the episodes?

Also, can you confirm that ‘Metadata Fetching’ is enabled in the Infuse Settings menu?

Yes it is enabled.
When I go to the folder Breaking Bad> Season 3> here I see season 3 together with a thumbnail. Look at my picture in my previous post, it is on these issues that I should see the image of the series / season?

Infuse will automatically fetch the metadata/image for individual episodes using information scrapped from the episode filename and possibly the name of enclosing directories.

It does not automatically download images for the directories themselves … For this you need to manually place an appropriate folder.jpg into each series/season directory, if you wish the directory to be displayed using that image.

Just to help, I had a similar problem with a TV serie named “The Save-Ums” in I believe because the name of TV serie has a hyphen in the middle of the name, which must be confusing the scrap of Infuse, which did not find the corresponding tv show on the site. Even reloading the metadata, it does not find the name of the serie in the returned list to choose. But searching in TV serie information in the site I saw that it may also have other names, called “aliases” assigned by the site administrator. After I changed the name of the series for the alias “The SaveUms” and it was listed in metadata reloading. Was the same to:

“He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)”

which was found only I changed the name to:

“HeMan and the Masters of the Universe (2002)”

This is a bug of Infuse scraper? I think yes. Normally, names that have a hyphen in the middle are not being found, but if you take the hyphen and join words it can be found only because the administrator of assigned this alias automatically.