Meta Data for grouped titles

Some films need to be in a folder. Shoah, The TV version of Scenes from a Marriage, for example, how can I just add the online metadata to show a nice photo on the folder? There doesn’t appear to be a way to do it. The files inside the folder look fine using the online metadata, but the folder is just a folder icon and its ugly.

Are you referring to one of either of these shows?
TVDB Shows Named Scenes from a Marriage

Yeah the 1973 one; I now have worked out one solution (which would be really useful if it was made clear) is to put them in their own folder and then use a folder.jpg file in that folder

Can you also provide an example of how you have the files named? If named correctly, you should automatically get the artwork from TVDB and you wouldn’t have to add a "folder.jpg.

One thing on TV series, the best way to arrange these is to follow this file structure on your server.

Thank you. I will change to this and see what difference it makes.

Is there a way I can also change the order? I tried putting 1 at the beginning but it doesn’t do anything

Also is there a way when browsing among films you can change the order? I note that it puts grouped files at the beginning of the whole list which is annoying as I would rather it follow the usual alphabetical display

As long as you use the correct season number and episode number in the file name it should display them in the airing order so you would have to rearrange them. Is that what your asking for?

No because I am also referring to films grouped together, like the 25 Zaitochi Films, so there is no airing order.

The other point I was making was when I have single files mixed with grouped TV or fims in an infuse share and I am looking at the share as a whole, all of the grouped films - all the folders show - at the beginning in infuse not in the same alphabetical order as the single files

If you have a single episode of a TV show and want it to be place in order with the other multiple episode TV series you can put that single file in a season folder with the correct season number and place that in a folder with the series name as show in my above pic but with just a single season and single episode. That will place that single episode TV show in alpha order with the other tv shows.

As to the movies, You may want to group them in folders by the group you want and add it as a favorite. I think if you want to create your own movie collections you can do that with Plex but I’m not sure.

I dont want a separate film group as a favourite though as I only have one folder overall just called films - its within that I want another folder, and within that folder there should be a feature for it to be able to manually change the order of films?

Additionally, why are folders within folders (so if my top level folder is called films and then I have a folder within it say “Samurai Trilogy” showing at the beginning of the list in the top level and not alphabetically?

I’ve started to put all of my DVDs/BLU ray on my NAS server. Infuse’s UI is amazing, but the metada and the way it allows you to organize your collection really sucks. You can group movies into one large folder if you have a DVD collection of a director’s work. Also, it sometimes mislabels movies. Other times, one movie folder shows up as five different covers of the same movie in the App.

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A lot of the problems you’re having can be remedied by following the naming formats in the users guide.

As to the several movies with the same poster if you have extras this may confuse things and appear as duplicates of the main movie, you can keep Infuse from trying to figure out the extras by adding certain files or folder names that keep them unscaned.

Using the library will greatly enhance the viewing and sorting of movies also.

Thank you. Let will try rereading the user guide.

Hi: I followed your suggestion and changed the file names after the first file for the extras. It works the multi folders disappeared and correctly show only one folder for the movie. However, in the playback, I can forward or skip to the extra as if these MKV files didn’t exist at all. What to do? Thank you in advance.