Meta data fetching for daily shows

I watch The Daily Show, but it isn’t recognized. The filename is like

Why isn’t that supported (yet)? I’ve seen several threads about it.

Looking at the show information on (which is where infuse gets it tv metadata information from) for the example episode you give needs to be named something like

Thanks but that’s not what I asked. As I said I have seen the other posts, so I know I can do it this way. The question is why it is not implemented yet…

My guess is it’s kind of like why all automobiles don’t have the ability to run on french fry oil. While it’s possible, not many users need the ability to run on a non standard format. :wink:

I’m not an employee of Firecore so I may be way out in left field and they may be working on just what you ask but it hasn’t come up often if at all with the naming conviction your talking about.

It appears that Infuse has been designed to work with a set group of formats for the names of files that are the most common. If you have a large number of files that are not using the format that is most compatible with Infuse there are programs out there that will rename batches with very little time and effort needed and then they will work as advertised in Infuse.

You could also post this in the suggestions forum and there others that may have the same issue can chime in and add to your cause.

Hello from the future
5 years later. Still not fixed

Please like the post below apparently that’s the only thing can be done