Meta Data Blues Part 2

Ok another question bud.

I have been going through my TV series now that you taught me the correct way to do. And let me tell you darned great full for your help!

Its going to take a while as I have over 30 rows of 6 across TV series that shows up in library mode under All Shows.

Question on one of my animation series.

X-Men the animated series doesn’t want to show the poster.

What am I doing wrong? LOL

Also here is the TVMDB link for series

IMG_7381 IMG_7382

just curious, how do you have the individual episodes labeled?

Does it show the season artwork if you drill down? Textual metadata?

I got it! Ha! LOL

Had to label the file folder this. Then literally immediately folder went to the poster art!

XMen The Animated Series. Looks like everything else was labeled correctly I guess but i missed the main folder at wasn’t matched.

Each season labeled this inside the Season 01 folder - Season 05 folders

XMen The Animated Series.S01E01
XMen The Animated Series.S02E01
XMen The Animated Series.S03E01
XMen The Animated Series.S04E01
XMen The Animated Series.S05E01

And thank you again for reply and your help. Ive had 3 versions of infuse pro and now finally learning seeing how the TV part works. When I have labeled correctly works immediately. When I don’t I get the blank folder.
So I keep trying variations till works. Then its done. LOL

Any other suggestions pointers you may have I would be great full for when you have time no rush.

Also I know its been listed for quite a while i think well over a year with a search by actor director that you guys been working on. Might we see that this year? On a large collection like mine that’d be pretty cool.

thanks again

That’s pretty much the secret to TV metadata. Occasionally they will throw a curve ball and goof something at TVDB but their pretty good.

No other suggestions but you may want to scan the users guides since many have been updated recently on many of the features.

If you run into anymore issues feel free to ask in the forum and we’ll see what we can do.

Keep an eye on the upcoming features thread since it’s updated often.

It looks like the first phase of searching by actor and associated crew is being worked on for the upcoming release so it should be soon. I’d guess it will be the basics first and then Firecore will expand on the concept so stay tuned.

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