Merge Folder

Hello everybody
I have since yesterday Infuse per and am thrilled. Now, I have a few questions:

  • I have my films on different disks and want to leave this list in Infuse in a favorite / folder and not looking at various clearances my films. Is this possible. Alternatively, I have also run a Plex server and stored in each movie folder Cover, fanart and nfo. Infuse but always takes its own cover. How can I set that he takes my cover? If I directly connect my Movies folder in Infuse he takes my cover and descriptions but not with the Plexserver. In addition, the films stutter when I’m connected to the Plex server, more than if I einbinde the movies directly to Infuse.

  • How can I search for movies with Infuse?

  • Is it normal that bucking the movies or something because you can make settings so it does not jerky?

  • I use Infuse on my iPhone and my 6 Apple TV. 4

Thank you for your help.