Merge Catalogue of Files

I have 3 places where my movies and TV shows are located.  When I go to my shares and add the 3 shares I have to navigate down the file structure to get to the movies that I want.  How can I get a direct link to the folder of the movies (not just the top level of the file share).  This is on a NAS drive. 


I wanted to combine all the locations and then depending on the meta data your program would then combine all of that for me.  This is simply not happenning and if this is the extent to the functionality of your produce I would like my money back.  It’s not worth the 29.99 at all for this.




To answer your 1st question … Navigate to the folder that contains your movies or tv series folder, then select the movie or tv folder and press and hold the OK button, then select the Add to favourites option.


Yes thanks - now I do not have to navigate from the root of the NAS share. 


I still then get a bunch of Favorites that contain TV shows for example.  :frowning: