Menu Editing

Maintenance option to edit the main menu is nice to have, but it appears to only be able to turn off the native Apple TV menu items.  It is my understanding that I need NitoTV installed but have little need to get at it on a daily basis. 

It would be nice to disable that top level menu item, as well as any others infrequently used, and re-enable then only when needed.

Unwanted 3rd party apps can be removed as well. Simply highlight the item to be removed through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu and press the right arrow button (>>) to remove it.

If needed, they can be re-installed through the same menu.

Does this remove the app completely or just remove the menu item?  It would be preferred to simply remove the menu item, but keep the app installed.  This is so when it is needed again it doesn’t have to be re-installed again, including restarting the entire system, to regain access to it.

It uninstalls the specified plugin, however a soft restart is required when hiding/showing menu items as well, so in the end it’s all the same.

OK, great!


I’d like to run the unit as lean as possible.  Is there anything in aTV Flash that depends upon NitoTV for, such as in the Media Player, or can I uninstall it and all aTV functions will remain unaffected?