Menu Dissapeared

I ran an update on 8/16 and up until then, I was able to see Youtube and listen to the radio, but for some reason, this menu option disappeared from it and I can’t seem to find them again. I went to manage plug ins and made sure Internet was enabled but still that doesn’t correct the issue, in other hand my Boxee does not play youtube videos and I wonder if this had to do with my current youtube issue.
Thanks for your help.

At any point did you have the Overflow item installed? Menus can also be hidden this way.

A guide for using Overflow can be seen here:

Thank you, that is exactly what happened, I remember I was playing with overflow the day the menu disappeared and then I uninstalled overflow, and surprise surprise when I installed it again today, my Internet Icon was hidden.
Thank you for taking your time and respond to this foolish mistake.