Menu and Button hooks

I’d like to see hooks to Menu items and Buttons exposed.  If you can add IR and/or TCP/IP control for them, that would be great.  Otherwise, if it could be documented or included in an SDK, that would be nice too.  The ATV2 really stands out as a poor stepchild in an integrated home theater setup without these hooks.  An example problem this would solve is pressing a single button to turn on and configure all of the home theater hardware to watch a Netfix movie, and then needing to go through the ATV menus to start Netflix, instead of getting there directly after the macro button is pressed.

+1 i love macros!

do not know, if this is possible, but if sounds great. that would open a whole new dimension in controlling the atv2.

but maybe siri will be ported the next months? :wink:

“siri, let me watch my favorite pr*n . rewind 20 seconds. rewind again.”