Mention video codecs, not just audio codecs.

At present everywhere where this information is listed there are audio codecs and video containers mentioned.
I also want to know/see which video codecs are supported. e.g. x264, x265 etc.
MKV and MP4 is not enough. I still don’t know if x265 is supported… can’t find it.

Also, a comparative list of which codecs (Audio and video) requires from Infuse Pro the most/least horsepower to decode and play would be nice, that way I can decide if I want to go for maximum storage efficiency or maximum battery efficiency.

X265 is supported. Hardware decode on some devices, software on others. I think it is iPhone 6s or later for hardware decode (A9). It is mainly video decode that takes the most. Audio doesn’t really but if you have something on iPhone you probably can get by with stereo. Saves space that way.